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Guys, I need your help!! I've been working my butt off taking and editing photos and having a blast! But I have some bills to pay and no money to pay them.. 😱

So I'm asking you lovely people that have supported me over the years to please help me out by purchasing an awesome canvas or poster print!! I'm doing a special 20% off sale for this so now is a great time to get in there and decorate your walls!!

I've just finished fixing up one of my favourite shots, this epic 360º pano of lenticular clouds over The Remarkables and Queenstown, this would make an amazing giant canvas to hang on your wall as its over 2 metres wide at full res!!

Please check out my Canvas & Print pages on my website to buy something or send me a message 🙂

Thank you!!

Canon 6D
Tokina 16-28 f/2.8
27 vertical shot, 2 row 360 panorama
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15 hours ago

Rethinking Physiotherapy
This is awesome.

Freestyle-Skier Andri Ragettli playing around in training.
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4 days ago

Angela Lee Duckworth, a teacher turned psychologist, reveals what factor determines whether a student will succeed or fail.


Credit: TED
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4 days ago

Love this ! When a chiropractor moves a spinal joint they affect the nerve & ....Our CNS manages our peripheral nerves..
Which manage our muscles..
Which manage our bones, fascia and other tissues..
For us to MOVE... what a system!

Heres a great photo of our muscle fibers and their surrounding connective tissue... a crucial part of the collaboration we know as MOVEMENT.

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5 days ago

Love this ! When a chiropractor moves a spinal joint they affect the nerve & ....

Richie Hatchet national champ
Proud queenstownhealth involved with his 3 rd time as the nz champ & 27 th in the world !

Canterbury Boxing Association.
Sam Clark Final
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5 days ago

! Will queenstown have 2 national champs
Richie Hatchet 3 Rd time - we are all proud of him

Naenae Boxing Academy
Andor Laszlo - Heretaunga (blue) vs Callum Owen - Otago
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5 days ago

#tbt to after my first NZ Nationals Title defence in 2015 - Tomorrow I'm in the finals for my 3rd title defence after winning my last two fights with very tough competitors at this year's Nationals Tournament . I'm on bout #15 with the show starting at 4:30pm 🥊🥇

#defendingchampion #nationalchamp #letsgochamp #heretotakeover
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6 days ago

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